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Nice Baked Salmon with Patatas Bravas

I like Spanish food, and this what I am doing with my leftover Salmon fillet and chopped tomatoes.


-Salmon Fillet

-A knob of butter

-Mixed herbs


-Sugar (any kind)

-a tin or less of Chopped tomatoes



-I got my timing a bit confused here, I think I over-cooked the salmon, but this is how it goes. Chop up your potatoes into chunks and par-boil (place in boiling water) for 5 minutes.

-While they boil place your salmon fillet on some foil which is about 20 cm long, then put the butter on top of the fillet with a sprinkling of herbs. Wrap up the fillet by bringing the two width ends of the foil to the top and scrunch. Place this in the oven on a baking tray for half an hour at 180c (conversion chart for other temperatures is here).

-Now dedicate your time to the potatoes. Drain them, then fry in about 2 glugs of olive oil until they sound like they are frying well, but make sure they’re on a low heat as they need to cook on inside, not just the outside.

-While these gently fry remember to stir them. Now, empty your tomatoes into a saucepan, turn onto a medium heat and add 2 tsp of Paprika, 2 tsp of mixed herbs and 2 tsp of sugar. Once hot give a taste, use your instincts, you might need a bit more sugar depending on how much chopped tomatoes you had. You might just need a bit of salt. Keep this simmering until it has reduced to a thick texture, i.e when you stir it you can see the bottom of the pan, then turn off the heat.

-Keep an eye on your potatoes,  they take about 10-15 minutes to soften. Give them a bite to test, if they are brown on the outside and soft on the inside, place on a pan and put on the bottom shelf of the oven until the salmon has had its time.

-To know whether the Salmon is done, unwrap it and it should be a white pinkish colour when you cut through. Mine was overdone this time, so maybe DON’T place on 200c.

-Quickly re-heat the tomato sauce, add a bit of water if necessary. Whilst it’s heating up, serve the salmon, it should come easily away from its skin, potatoes and put the tomato sauce on top.

-I served with some chopped carrots, brocolli and cauliflower cos it was 50p for a little bag. So basically, this meal only really cost around £2.50!!


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Jessica’s Fishy Concoction


I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. But I wanted to try it because I like fish, I like Puff pastry and I guess I like cream cheese….. The downfall here was the tomatoes soaking the bottom of the pastry, so maybe used a more condensed sauce such as tomato and basil pasta sauce.


-I was going to buy haddock, but then I saw Salmon was 2 fillets for £3 in Sainsburys. Score. You only need 1.

-Sainsburys cream cheese with herbs was both low fat AND 80p

– Jus-Roll Pre-rolled Puff Pastry was only a £1!!

-I was feeling a bit dizzy, so my mum said I should buy some spinach(£1) for its iron.

-And then I threw in some chopped tomatoes(33p).


-It’s hard to have a proper method with something I’ve never made before. Firstly I heated about 3 tbsp of chopped tomatoes with some mixed herbs and sugar to make a tomatoey sauce. Ill show you what to do with the rest of the tomatoes in another recipe.

-I then took rid of the skin on ONE salmon fillet with difficulty(I froze the other one).

-Wilt the spinach but not until it’s complete mush. I.E put it in a saucepan and heat until the spinach just starts to darken and shrivel.

-I unrolled the puff pastry and rolled it a bit further to be economical by making it go further, but it doesn’t matter I guess.

-About 2 inches into the pastry, make a line of spinach which is the same length of the fillet.

-Place the tomato sauce on top-yes it does get watery but I kind of scooped the water to the side and onto the counter and quickly wiped it away so my flatmates didn’t see.

-Put the salmon on top, and then spread about a desert spoon of cream cheese on top of the fillet.

-Wrap up the pastry in whichever fashion pleases you, put on a greaseproof tray and put in the oven at 220c for about 40 mins. It needs some tweaking and affection, but this was literally one of the best meals I’ve had at Uni.

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I have invested in a lot of spices at my in Uni. There is no use making a lovely stew on a Sunday if you can taste the horrific acidity of the tomatoes. Flavour creates, IS, a  meal. Here are some spices which are obligatory to have in your cupboard:

Mixed Herbs-Whenever you’re making a tomato-based dish I find mixed herbs make a great accompaniment. Mixed herbs are my staple spices, they save you from having to buy 4 different types of herbs. They taste amazing in a salad dressing, but if you add a couple teaspoons of these babies to some chopped tomatoes (along with a teaspoon of sugar), you have your perfect tomato and herb pasta sauce!!

Cayenne Pepper-I like spice. But this doesn’t HAVE to be used to make food spicy. It’s smoky aroma works well in anything that you’re bubbling over the hob.

Cumin + Coriander-These spices should be married. They work best in a curry or Mexican food. They have a strong pungent flavour, so not too much. I accidentally didn’t see that my tub of cumin seeds had open hole, instead of a slotted one. That was NOT a tasty curry….

-Garam masala-Yep. For the perfect curry this blend of spices is a must.

There are many more spices to have, I love them. But if you’re making anything, I think these are the best.

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Surprisingly Flavourful Lasagne!

I love Italian food, actually I love all types of food. But when I have Italian, I’m not taken to the Tuscan mountains, I’m taken back home to when I was 8 years old, and all my mum could feed me was pasta and tomato based. I am a vegetarian for the environmental and health reasons, so I am an great advocate of Quorn and meat substitutes, if you don’t want to use Quorn, use real beef. If you don’t want to use beef or Quorn, use a tin of lentils and some cannelini beans.


Olive oil

-500g of Quorn/Beef Mince OR 1x tin of Cannelini Beans and 1x tin of green/red lentils (OR ANY PULSES YOU WANT!!!)

2x Sainsburys Chopped Tomatoes with Garlic and Olive Oil or just 2 x tins or cartons of Chopped Tomatoes

Optional 1x Sachet of bologneise mix, or some Bouillon Vegetable Stock otherwise-2 tsp of mixed herbs or ALL THREE

– 1x Onion

-1x packet of lasagne sheets(fresh or dried)

-1x tub of  Bisto Cheese Sauce Granules

-250 mls milk or water (for the Cheese Sauce)

-1 Sainsburys basic mozzarella ball and a few handfuls of grated cheddar


1. Preheat the oven to 180 c., gas mark 5, 350 f. Fry the onions in some olive oil (pour the oil for a 2 seconds and that’s a good quantity to use) in a sensible sized pot. Add a tincy bit of salt so that they don’t burn to the surface, keep an eye on them and fry until they are golden.

2. Now add your Quorn or the Mince. If using pulses don’t add these yet. Fry these with the onions until they are completely brown. Quorn browns in about 2 minutes (a massive plus in my eyes), but mince takes about 5-8 minutes. But use your own judgement.

3. Now add your chopped tomatoes, pulses(if using) and the bologneise mix/herbs/vegetable stock, and about 2 glugs boiling water. Stir well until it is all combined and lovely, feeling 8 years old yet??

4. Turn down to a low heat, and make the cheese sauce according to the instructions, I like to use milk, but water is fine. Alternatively, make it from scratch

5. Make sure the bologneise has boiled for AT LEAST 10-15 mins.

6. Now get a baking dish which is quite deep. Put a third of the “meat” sauce on the base, then layer your lasagne sheets, make sure all the sauce is all covered and the pasta sheets are overlapping. Pour a third of the cheese sauce over these pasta sheets, and add a bit of cheddar. Repeat this so it’s like: “meat”, pasta, cheese sauce, cheddar, “meat”, pasta, cheese sauce, cheddar, “meat, pasta, cheese sauce, cheddar. Finally add some mozzarella, half the ball should do.

7. Put in the oven for about 45 minutes, the top should look really lovely and brown. If not, then simply cook for a bit longer. When you take it out, let it sit for 2-3 minutes or just tuck in!!!

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Hi, hello and welcome!!

This is my recipe blog. Not entirely original, but originality is over-rated. I decided to make this site, because I am

1) A self-confessed foodie/food snob/cookery freak

2) A student

3) A vegetarian (or pescetarian)

I have started a stupid collection of cookery books in my Halls of Residence which occupy me when I procrastinate, however most of the recipes are too full of ingredients that one cannot find in a medium sized Sainsburys. And secondly, the ingredients can occasionally be a bit too pricey, or rather-It’s not worth spending that much money on something you might only eat once.

There is far too much regulation and rigidity when it comes to cooking, I may only be 18 and 8 months, but from experience I know that it is not obligatory to fry onions for ONLY 8-10 MINS. NO MORE. NO LESS. I just go with the flow, and my food is not only edible, but nice.

I know there are so many attempts to simplify cooking, but I am extremely lazy and always hungry.  And for that reason, I am probably the best person to help you. Please don’t be thrown off by the “vegetarian” label, I will throw in hints on how you can make my meals for carnivores.

As we go along, you will see how far I will go to avoid spending money. But let me tell you this, when I am in the sweet comforts of home, it’s all from scratch, if you wish to follow suite and make everything yourselves, I have given links to good websites that provide you with this information.

I also live 2 seconds away from Sainsburys, so most of my ingredients come from there, other big name Supermarkets or small grocery shops will be just as good.


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