I have invested in a lot of spices at my in Uni. There is no use making a lovely stew on a Sunday if you can taste the horrific acidity of the tomatoes. Flavour creates, IS, a  meal. Here are some spices which are obligatory to have in your cupboard:

Mixed Herbs-Whenever you’re making a tomato-based dish I find mixed herbs make a great accompaniment. Mixed herbs are my staple spices, they save you from having to buy 4 different types of herbs. They taste amazing in a salad dressing, but if you add a couple teaspoons of these babies to some chopped tomatoes (along with a teaspoon of sugar), you have your perfect tomato and herb pasta sauce!!

Cayenne Pepper-I like spice. But this doesn’t HAVE to be used to make food spicy. It’s smoky aroma works well in anything that you’re bubbling over the hob.

Cumin + Coriander-These spices should be married. They work best in a curry or Mexican food. They have a strong pungent flavour, so not too much. I accidentally didn’t see that my tub of cumin seeds had open hole, instead of a slotted one. That was NOT a tasty curry….

-Garam masala-Yep. For the perfect curry this blend of spices is a must.

There are many more spices to have, I love them. But if you’re making anything, I think these are the best.

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