Quicker-Than-Pasta Packed Sweet Potato

So I did a massive food shop today, cos I didn’t know what I wanted, and just thought I would do a big shop and just improvise each day. Well, it turns out that this has so far been a good idea. This was delicious, and it’s healthy as well. AND IT TOOK QUICKER THAN PASTA!!


-Sweet Potato

-1/3 of a courgette (wrap the rest up in cling film for later)

-Half a tube of tomato purée

-A bit of olive oil

-1 desert spoon of vegetable stock with 50ml of water

-Feta or Cheddar, or a bit of both (this is what I had).


-Put the sweet potato in the microwave for 10-12 minutes depending on how big it is. Turn it upside down halfway through. Make sure that when you poke a knife through it that it is soft in the centre. If not, put it in the microwave for a bit longer. It actually depends on how you liked your baked potatoes. If you like crunchy outsides, put it in the oven for 10-15 mins at 150c.

-Whilst this is cooking, chop up the courgette into slices and fry in a bit of oil for a couple of minutes.

-Add the tomato puree and the stock, stir and leave to heat up. Make sure it is bubbling, but not angrily. Add some herbs if you have any, and any spices that take your fancy.

-Once your sauce is nice and hot, get your jacket potato, slice down the middle (and add a bit of butter if it takes your fancy) and pour over your courgette sauce.

-Add your cheese, and there you go!

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One response to “Quicker-Than-Pasta Packed Sweet Potato

  1. Chloe White

    Oh my……cook it for me yeah?x

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