My Personal Jamabalaya

I’m not sure if this is a “jamabalaya”, but it has rice and tomatoes and spices and Quorn chicken pieces. and it’s nice. Sorry about the awful photo, but I have a bad camera, hopefully I can get a better one soon. The rice is cooked in the tomatoes so they have more flavour. (New name: nice rice?). It’s also quite BASIC and without wanting to sound like a cookbook, uses up all the “leftovers in the cupboard”. I’m gonna make pasta sauce with the leftovers of this meal. cos I’m using quite awkward measurements. Alternatively, don’t use halfs and put the left overs in the fridge/freezer.

Ingredients(will probably leave leftovers)

-1/2 a mug of rice

-1/2 tin of chopped tomatoes

-a mug of cold water

– 1/3 of courgette

-Quorn/real chicken pieces

-1/2 or so of drained beans (I chose barlotti)

-Lots of spices that you want to add (mixed herbs and sugar are a necessity)

-Cheese if you like cheese. I love cheese.


-Put tomatoes, water and rice in a saucepan and turn on a medium-high heat. It should start boiling, make sure you keep on stirring it so the rice is moved around.

-Meanwhile, fry chicken/Quorn with the courgetters and some spices. I use this Schwartz spice, it’s really nice , tastes like crisps.

-Right now the rice should slowly be absorbing the tomatoes and water, add some sugar, spices, HERBS.

-Give the rice a try, if it seems like it’s still hard but the water is quickly being absorbed, add some more water, perhaps 1/2 a mug-full.

-You can, at this point, add your chicken pieces and beans to the mix. Stir the mixture.

-Keep on testing your rice, if it is cooked and all the liquid is absorbed, then serve with some feta/cheddar (obviously I had a bit of both).

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