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Nice eat-twice vegetable burritos

I’m sorry, I have been unable to upload a photo, this is because-honestly-my burrito is so nice when I take it out the oven, that I can never be bothered to take a photo. PLUS, my camera is really old and requires me to charge the batteries before each use-a task that I forget to do. A photo may be uploaded in due course, but right now you can type burrito into Google, and that could satisfy you if you don’t know what a burrito is. BTW I also feel that if you’re gonna have mexican, you have to have all the Mexican stuff like guacamole etc. which means I spent about £1.50 on that-leading to this dish not being very thrifty. But it was so nice, i had it two nights in a row-hence “eat-twice”.

Method-For one person

-1 tortilla wrap per person

-1 pepper, red are the best in this situation in my opinion.

-1/4 of a courgette, wrap the rest up in cling film.

-3 Cherry tomatoes


Fajita spices


-A tin of refried beans (only about 85p)

-Cumin and coriander OR new discovery fajita spice (only 75p)

-PLUS-‘tex mex’ dips, such as guacamole, soured cream and salsa. You get all 3 in a pack for around £1.50


– Turn up the oven to 200 c. You don’t have to use all these vegetables, it’s really up to you what you use, but either way chop up peppers and courgette into baton shapes. And slice cherry tomatoes in half. Put these in a dish and drizzle with oil, sprinkle a dessert (cereal) spoon of the fajita mix on top and then move the vegetables around until they’re all covered with the oil and spices. Try and preserve the mix (clip the opening preferably), it can easily be re-used.

-Now put these in the oven. At 15 minutes stir around the vegetables. After another 15 minutes they should be nicely roasted if your oven is good. Turn up your oven if necessary, your vegetables should be soft and crispy at the edges.

-Get a bowl, and put in a few liberal chunks of feta, two dessert spoons of sweet corn, the roasted vegetables and the pièce de résistance about two spoons of the refried beans, or more if you love it. Mix this mixture.

-You might need to put your tortilla in the microwave for about 30 seconds to soften it up. Okay, now YOU MUST USE KITCHEN FOIL. Place a sheet of foil (the size of an A4 sheet) on a surface, matt side up. Put the tortilla on top, and the then put the mixture down the centre, but don’t put it up to the edges.

-Now wrap up the burrito like a parcel, this is hard to describe.  But just make sure the it is sealed nicely and looks like thisDon’t do it like a fajita!!!! Wrap the foil around it like another parcel, put on a baking tray and cook at the same temperature for 15 minutes.

– Take out and serve with dips and salad. I’ve made this sound complicated, but that’s because I’m not good at describing things.

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Potato Topped Veg-Fest

I had to use lots of leftovers which were slowly going off, so this was priceless. It really is up to you what you put in it (I added anchovies-that shows how versatile it is). I had it with a bit of bread so it was more filling, but if you fry up some chicken with the onions, I bet it would satisfy a lot of meat-eaters.


-1x baking potato

-Some courgette

-Some green beans-cooked

-Handful of frozen mixed veg-cooked.

-One pepper, any colour.

-3/4 a jar of pasta sauce


-Anything which is nice!



-Preheat the oven to 200c. Fry up the onions in a little bit of oil for a minute, then add anchovies(if using), courgette and peppers.

-Fry these for about 5 minutes, then add the pasta sauce and cooked veg and heat this through.

-Chop up your potato into slices so that the slices look like big coins (like in the picture).

-Put the tomato mix in a baking dish and I added some feta on top. Then I put the potato slices on top, they should cover the surface. Perhaps use some more potatoes if there isn’t enough, the whole mix should be covered. It’s nice with feta, cos it melts into the potatoes.

-You can top with some cheddar, but it doesn’t matter. Put into the oven for about half an hour or so, the potatoes should be soft, but I like them harder so only cooked it for about 20 minutes. And voilà, it’s done!!

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Healthy Fish and Chips

Don’t be put off by the white on the fish, this is to do with the blood that’s still in the fish. Soz if that’s a bit graphic. Anyway, I know this is a bit like Salmon with Patatas Bravas, but it’s not. One smoked haddock fillet is £1.79 or something from Morrissons, or £2 from Sainsburys. That’s average pricing.


– 1 smoked haddock fillet

-some new potatoes


-lemon (optional)

-seasoning or Nando’s Chip Sprinkle!!!!!View Large Image for Nandos Chip Sprinkle-90g


-Pre-heat oven to about 200 c..

-Chop the new potatoes in half, and then half those halves. I’m not sure how many you’ll want, maybe 5 or 6? It’s up to you really, I can’t remember. Put them on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil (cos this is healthy fish and chips), turning the potatoes upside down so they’re all covered. I sprinkled them with the Nando’s heaven sprinkle, but salt and pepper will do. Or any random spices, perhaps garam masala could be funny, but it wouldn’t be nice with the fish. So no, don’t put just ANY spice on them.Put these in the oven, check on them every 10 minutes, give them a shake or stir them around, make sure they don’t stick to the surface.

-Whilst these are cooking, prepare your fish. Use the same method I suggested with the Salmon recipe. Add lemon if you want it. TURN THE TEMPERATURE DOWN TO 180 c., and put this in with the chips for another 20 minutes.

-Take it out of its foil. Yes there is skin, this comes off easily though. Use the butter as a dressing to moisten the fish. Serve with salad and tartare sauce.

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