The Guardian Savoury Cake and my own Tomato Relish

Yes I have been a busy chef today in the kitchen. It’s mostly an attempt to procrastinate. I wont waffle, only to say that this recipe for the savoury cake is not mine. It comes from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipes for the Guardian which you can find here. I made it my own by adding chopped almonds to the top which made a nice crunch to the crust.

The tomato relish, however, is my own recipe so here’s how to do it. This didn’t make that much, but obviously just double the ingredients. I tend to not cook for a lot of people so my ingredients are normally small in number.


-Lots of cherry tomatoes, about 9 or 10

-1 red onion

-Salt and pepper

-Mixed herbs

-1 dessert spoon of White wine vinegar-this is essential to everything, if you don’t have this you might as well go no further.


-Chop up the onion and start to fry them.  Add diced the tomatoes, which should be diced into small pieces. You have to have all the juices from the tomatoes, and seeing as they’re so small, I chopped them in half, and scooped out the inside straight into the frying pan with the tomatoes, then I chopped them up a bit more.

-Fry those for about 10 minutes, adding salt, pepper and herbs. Continue to stir.

-Add your vinegar and perhaps a little tomato puree, and your done. Leave to cool or eat hot.


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3 responses to “The Guardian Savoury Cake and my own Tomato Relish

  1. Great idea to top the bread with almonds and I think your small quantity of tomato relish is a great idea. I tend not to make it in bulk as the vinegar stinks the house for days but I would happily make a small portion like this.

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