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Monster Meatloaf

Whenever I think of meatloaf I automatically think of The Brady Bunch: A Very Brady Sequel, when the maid ALWAYS makes meatloaf. We find out the long-lost ‘dad’  has some magic mushrooms hidden in his bag, and then the maid finds them and says “No wonder he doesn’t like my meatloaf-he’s likes exotic foods!”. And then she makes him mushroom spaghetti and this happens.  ANYWAY, I digress. This was for my dad, it basically tastes like a big beef burger, and tastes good with mash potatoes or whatever you like really. I made this with 800g beef, so remember to half if you’re buying those smaller packs.
-800 g of minced beef
-100g breadcrumbs
-225ml milk
-2 eggs
-2 onions chopped up
-salt and pepper
and for added flavour
-Worcester sauce
Pre-heat the oven to 180 c.
-Okay, this is the easiest meal ever. Just throw all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix really thoroughly so it’s well-combined.
-Put it in a loaf tin, or if failing that, just some sort of dish. Make sure it’s all smooshed down, and then put in the oven for an hour and a half.
-Take it out and attempt to drain the fat on the top, then eat it.
-It will probably taste good in a sandwich or something.


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Scrimp Summer Salad

I am back from revision and exams and so uploads on how to shop on a budget are back. Today is this quinoa salad, and a way to also make it that bit more exciting with quinoa stuffed pepper. Quinoa (keen-wah) is thrifty. I am sure all of you have a bag of rice in your cupboard, how much did that cost? Around £1.50? Well quinoa is the same. I think people tend to associate it with pretentiousness, but it’s really good. I went on a 10-mile run (woop) so I ate quinoa instead cos it helps my bones. Other boring facts about quinoa is that it contains magnesium, anti-oxidants such as a copper and is a good source of fibre.  Rice, however, is not. So next time you’re shopping, pick up this instead. I love being at home cos it means I can use my dad’s ULTRASONIC (that’s its name) lens.


Half a mug of quinoa

-cold water

-1 peeled carrot

-a bit of a courgette

-Sugar snap peas

-A handful Spinach and pine nuts (if you like)

-1 dessert spoon Tomato purée

-powdered stock



– Pour the mug of quinoa in a pan and cover with cold water as you would with rice. Bring to the boil, and leave to summer for about 20 minutes. The quinoa is done when it’s transparent, it tastes soft and it looks like it has given birth to a piece of thread. When it is done, drain it.

-Get another saucepan, or wait until the quinoa is done and use that pan, and throw the spinach in over a medium heat. Cook until it has shriveled up. I remember when my flatmate didn’t realise that spinach reduces to the size of a pea, and cooked a handful of spinach to have with her pasta and was given a minuscule portion of green sludge.

-Now grate your courgette and carrot, and shop your sugar snap peas finely.

-Then mix these vegetables with the quinoa, spinach and pine nuts. Add a teaspoon of stock powder, salt, pepper, and your tomato purée and that’s it.

Now, if this isn’t exciting enough, why don’t you try putting it in a pepper.

-All you need to do is slice a peper vertically, scoop out the seeds, drizzle with oil and put in the oven at about 180 c. for about half an hour.

-After this time, take the peppers out. They should be browning. Spoon the quinoa salad into the peppers and cook for another half hour. See, it’s that easy.


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