Almond Butter Modified

Well. This was quite interesting. I will be truthful, this was really nice and it tasted how I wanted, but it didn’t look how I wanted. I got my inspiration from this recipe, but you can see Angela has a really good processor. After researching other almond butter recipes, I realised my processor is actually a BLENDER NOT A PROCESSOR. DUH. Anyway a blender is awful in comparison to the super-power processors you should use. Anyway mine was kinda going in the super smooth direction and it was starting to solidify,  but I could tell it was going to take a LONG time due to my really bad processor.  Perhaps if I continued to process it would have turned out like that, but I’m not patient. I was annoyed with my result because:

-I had to use oil, whilst Angela didn’t.

-It didn’t have my desired texture


That’s right! I realised that mine was going in a slightly different direction, but I wanted to get to my original aim: making it my own. In order to do this I added prunes, figs and cinnamon. YUM.  I think if I didn’t do this, I probably would have got the ‘correct’ (what IS a good nut butter?) consistency and colour, but I didn’t want it to be like any other almond butter. So by all means, ignore the prunes, figs and cinnamon and process those almonds till your heart’s content if you want normal almond butter. At the end of the day, mine tasted like almond butter(if you’ve never tried like almond butter, it’s just like peanut butter, but slightly different) but with a sugary hint. Ever had a Reese’s cup? Sweet and savoury? Well this tasted like that, and it was like half of everything that a Reese’s cup has (salt, fat, additives etc.). So even though it doesn’t look how I planned, I can’t wait to spread this on some bread or a cracker as a sensible snack.


-1 cup of almonds

Apparently you can end here, but I used:

-3 tsp of sunflower oil

-2 dessert spoons of water

-3 prunes

-1 big dried fig

-1 tsp of cinnamon


-Put the almonds in a processor, process. This could take up to 15 minutes, remember to keep turning off the processor and stirring your mixture.

-Once your mixture is starting to solidify add the other ingredients and continue to process and stir until you have your desired consistency.

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2 responses to “Almond Butter Modified

  1. Thanks for sharing, even though it wasn’t want you wanted. Tips for those of us who might want to make it in the future! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed my visit here.

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