Berry Buckwheat Smoovie

Finding it hard getting buckwheat into your diet? Not fond of buckwheat salads and tabbouleh? It is the fibre king, has 8 amino acids, iron, phosphorus, copper and helps lower YOUR cholesterol. But you’re not buying it? Well here we have a lovely buckwheat smoothie, and it tastes like strawberry milkshake, NO LIE, I promise you it’s really smooth and so it has that strawberry ice cream taste.  Give it a go, and it’s particularly cheap because it can be made with frozen berries. I’ve discovered that frozen berries are genius for smoothies because they don’t go off and they cost about £1.50 for a bag that will last agessss.


-1/3 cup buckwheat groats

-2 x 1/3 cup of water

-3 almonds

-3 dates, pitted

-1 banana

-3 strawberries (optional)

-a tiny handful of frozen berries, or a bigger handful if you’re not using strawberries

1 tsp of vanilla extract

-1/2 cup of water, plus 100 ml


Leave the buckwheat to soak in the water for 2 hrs plus. Overnight preferably for the softest.

-Once you have done this, drain the buckwheat and rinse with water. Throw it in a blender with almonds, dates and 100ml water and process until it looks like porridge gone wrong.

-Add the remaining ingredients and process until your desired consistency. Pour into a cup and voila. So easy and so good.


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6 responses to “Berry Buckwheat Smoovie

  1. Aly

    This looks amazing! I just have a couple questions:
    1. How much does this serve/yield?
    2. Could you substitute oat groats for the buckwheat?

    • Hey aly, thanks for the comment! here’s my reply to your question:
      1. The yield is for how much you seen in the photo. True, it’s not a lot, but it’s quite filling. A way to bulk it up would be to add yoghurt or milk (daIry free of any of these is fine).
      2. I’ve never tried with oat groats, but I think that would fine. If they puff up and soften in the same way that buckwheat does, then why not!?

  2. This is one of the best blogs ever!

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  4. Gemma

    How long does it keep? Could you make enough to cover 2 days or freeze it?

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