Up Close and Personal with Plantain

For an imported product, plantain is SHOCKINGLY cheap. I got 3 for a £1. It just shows how much they are grown in excess. These plantain chips can be cooked, and then put in the freezer like you would chips, and then reheated in the oven when you want to eat them.

Funny story: My housemate (A) asked my other housemate (B) if she could have a banana of hers, B affirmed that she could, and so A took a random banana from our fruitbowl. She unknowingly took one of my plantains. I knew something had gone wrong when I came down later to find a plantain missing, I laughed at the hilarity of it and asked B if she had any idea what might have happened. She told me the story, and we laughed at the idea of  A cluelessly eating a plantain. I can imagine her peeling this “fruit” (which is bigger than your average banana) and eating this really crunchy fibrous banana, noticing its lacking flavour of your usual potassium laden fruit.  Later in the evening, I told her “you realise that wasn’t B’s banana you ate, it was my plantain”. LUCKILY, she replied “That was yours? I didn’t eat it cos it didn’t look very nice!”. So I was once again one plantain richer, however I forgot to cook it before it went off (approx. 2 weeks) and so I had to throw it away anyway. TO AVOID A SIMILAR PROBLEM, cook your plantain when it is ripe (you can buy plantain green, but don’t cook until it is yellow), and then freeze.

Ingredients (serves 1-2)

1 plantain

-2 tbsp oil (any, though olive is healthier)


Peel your plantain, this might involve using a knife as it very tough.

-Cut the fruit into coins, but alternatively you can cut them into slices like so.

-Pour oil onto a frying pan and heat, add the plantain coins and fry on a medium heat. Leave for 3-4 minutes, then turn over and fry the other side, the chips should be a golden brown colour.

-Transfer to paper towl to soak up oil and serve as a side to any dish. I like to have mine with chili.



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3 responses to “Up Close and Personal with Plantain

  1. Ellie

    Hey jess! miss you so much and these plantain chips look damn fine. It reminds me of these salty banana chips Amy and me ate for about a month in America on any train we took. They were obvs meant to be crunchy but by the end we could pretty much chew them. love yo xxxx

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