How to be Healthy: Olives, but Nicer.

I have never laid claim to being the most open eater. Let me tell you, as I child I was awful. I still have my friends’ mums telling me how hard it was for them to cater for me when I came round. I think they tell me their stories with quite a happy retrospect, but I know deep down they’re screaming “DAMN IT THAT GIRL WAS SO RIDICULOUS”. The favourite story for my friend and her mum to tell me and everyone over and over is when the mum asked what I like to eat, I said I like eating chicken dippers. So she made me chicken dippers and I said, “I said I like chicken dippers, I didn’t say I wanted them”. I still vow that THIS NEVER HAPPENED. Fussy eating is fun to laugh at by many (I know, I do it now), but I didn’t enjoy being a fussy eater. Dinner scared me a lot when going to relatives’ and friends’ houses,  it wasn’t fun for me either. It’s easy to tell someone “just have some of the sweetcorn”, when that person is mortified they’re going to throw up. I was evidently a very dramatic child. But something happened, I went to my cousin’s wedding at the age of 12, and was made to eat a set menu which I had no control over. And that did it. I loved the food they gave me and from then on I tried everything I was given.

But because of this fussy past, there are still some foods which retain awful memories, which I will eat but unhappily. Boiled eggs for example. And olives, I just knew I didn’t like them, and I constantly tried to eat them and it just didn’t work, they weren’t nice. However, I begun, in time, to be able to palate them. My very good friend told me “I hated olives too, but just make yourself like them”. There is still something GEURGH about them, but after realising they’re so cheap I’m not going to let them pass me.

So these olives are for the person who was/is like me. Palatable olives, or NICE OLIVES. Stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes or cheese, covered in breadcrumbs and fried. They’re completely malleable to your tastes, add Stilton, peppers, or jalapeños!  Alternatively, you could buy your olives pre-stuffed. 

Analysis of Stuffed Olives:

  • Olives, not just olive oil, are healthy. When eaten in moderation these are little bombs of anti-oxidants, brilliant for the stomach and most definitely reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • If stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, you’re benefiting from the super-food benefits of tomatoes.
  • These are oily and rich, due to being lightly coated in bread and because olives themselves are filling, they are therefore effective as a snack that you wont eat tonnes of.

Ingredients-Adapted from Lisa is Cooking (thank you Lisa!)

-Olives without the stone, however many you want of whatever kind. I’m convinced that black olives are my favourite.

-1 egg whisked with a fork, in a bowl

-1 cup of bread crumbs, in a bowl

-1 tbsp of plain flour, in a bowl

-the filling of your choice, cut slim so you can push it into the olives.

-4 tbsp oil Olive oil


-With a tooth pick, poke your fillings into the olive.

-Dip the olives into the flour, then in the egg and then into the breadcrumbs. Another method (if you’re interested, which I was cos I don’t like egg so like to use as little possible) which might collect more breadcrumbs is dipping the olives into the EGG FIRST, then the flour and then THE EGG again, and then into the breadcrumbs. Both worked fine, I think it all depends on how much egg and flour you’re coating the olives with.

-In a deepish frying pan, if available, heat up the olive oil. Place the breaded olives into the oil, and with a utensil of some sort make sure the whole olive is covered in oil. Gently fry the olives into they are brown and place on a kitchen towel to drain them of the oil.


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3 responses to “How to be Healthy: Olives, but Nicer.

  1. So nice visiting A Thrifty Foodie! I love your blog and have enjoyed perusing many of your posts! Great recipes and photos too! Nice to meet you 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. When I little I was also a very picky eater, but olives were actually my favorite food. I love the way you prepared them here, because I’ve only ever eaten them plain. Now that I’m a bit older, I’m much more open to trying different foods. 🙂

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