My Cheapest Recipe Yet: Thrifty Thlatbread

AND SO, I’m off tomorrow for my year abroad. I’ve  been through every emotion possible. Fear, excitement, apprehension, apathy, confusion and now I just cannot wait! I’m just so ready to live in France. YAY. I will continue to blog, I hope, but I foresee that the next year will include me eating bread, cheese, and carrot remoulade so I can’t imagine I’ll be doing a whole lotta cooking. But I’ll try!

This flatbread was so GREAT to make and it is the cheapest recipe I’ve ever posted. FACT. And it is probably the easiest, but that’s subjective.

Have you been watching Best British bake off at all? I have. Well I’ve watched two episodes, and in one of them they have to make flat bread. So I was like: Yeah, well I CAN MAKE FLATBREAD TOO. I don’t know why I wanted to make flatbread so much, we all know my trouble with  bread making. But I was determined. Turns out flatbread is pretty easy. Well this flatbread is…

Ingredients-Makes 6 flatbreads

-250g plain flour, plus more for dusting.

-150ml warm water

-1tsp salt and 1 tsp olive oil


-Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Once the dough comes together use your hands to work the it a bit. You want the dough to be slightly dry, but not crumbling apart.

-Dust a surface with flour, then dust your rolling pin.

-Pull a small handful off your dough, and roll out as flat as you can into a ‘flat’ shape. (This isn’t a beauty contest, my flatbreads don’t have any distinguishable shape).

-Fold the dough in half and roll flat. Fold the dough over again and roll flat. This traps air into the bread thus allowing it to puff up.

-ROLL THE DOUGH AS FLAT AS POSSIBLE. I wanna stress how important this is. It does require some elbow grease as the dough is tough, but really really try. Put the flatbread on a plate and dust with flour. Repeat with the remaining dough until finished, dusting between each flat bread.

-Heat up a flat frying pan till it’s very hot (you’re dry frying the bread). Place one flat bread and continue turn every 30 seconds until the bread has puffed up and looks about done. Do this with your remaining doughs.

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