I’m a pescetarian student wishing to share my recipes.
Most of the time these recipes were made on a budget. I try hard to live on less than £50-70 a week as a student, which means I’m realistic in my buying and not just pretending to be food savvy (like Jamie Oliver, who wants to ‘get the nation cooking’ but wants them to do it with Le Creuset pots and pans). Take note that during holiday time I might a bit extravagant with my ingredients, but they’re reasonably priced because we go Tesco’s. I also make meat dishes for my papa, so if you see those, be happy because they are a rarity.
I love cooking and feel it should be an easy joy, not something for the elite.
I like my food to be as free from artificial things as the cavemen had it, but obviously this is not always the case. As a student, buying solely organic food is impossible to achieve. I just want to make sure that students, and ordinary people, have good food to feed their brain and are not surviving on pasta and cheese, at least try quinoa and cheese instead!

Likes: Cheese boards, running, yoghurt, honey, dried fruit, Mexican, salad dressings with too much vinegar, Turkish bread, hummus and self-service.

Dislikes: Chinese, dill (herb of the devil), coffee in desserts, waste, fresh coriander and self-service.

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