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House to be Healthy: Simple Chicken Pie


Obvs I didn’t eat this. But if it didn’t have the chicken in, I think it would be tasty, because you don’t need meat to make things tasty. Contrary to popular belief. If you want to make this vegetarian, avoid substitute meats, they provide little nutritionally. Add mushrooms, green beans or mini sweet corn. Mushrooms are cheapest.

Pie can be easy at its basic level, i.e bought pastry and bought chicken in white sauce. But they add lots of artificial stuff and lots of salt which is not part of this series. Pie can also HEALTHY, if it’s eaten in moderation and the if only the topping is with pastry. WHY?

  • Pastry is made flour, butter and water. Flour is a good source of carbohydrates, enjoy in moderation and have wholemeal to make it more beneficial to your diet. Butter is not great, but I think we need to get over the initial fear of unhealthy foods. PLEASE REMEMBER If you have a little in moderation, what harm can it do?
  • Chicken is protein, blah blah blah.
  • The entire recipe is filling, nourishing and comforting. Add lots of vegetables to get your quota


-Shop bought pastry OR

-250g flour

-125g cold butter diced

-1 tsp salt

-45 ml water


2 chicken breasts, roasted for an hour in the oven with lemon and herbs. OR pre-cooked shredded chicken.

-1 onion

-1 carrot

-some peas and whatever vegetables you want

-25g butter

-1tbsp of flour

-1 pint of milk

-1 tsp mustrad and some white wine (optional)


-For handmade pastry:

  • EITHER Put flour, salt and butter in a food processor and process until it is rubble-like. Bit by bit add the water down the feeding tube whilst processing. Stop processing when one dough ball has formed. Wrap in cling film and in leave in the fridge for 45 mins.
  • OR crumble the butter and salt into the flour until it is rubble-like. Add the water slowly, mixing the ingredients with your hands until all the mixture is combined and a dough ball can be formed. Wrap in cling film and in leave in the fridge for 45 mins.

-Pre heat oven to gas mark 6, 200 c. For the filling. In a sauce pan, fry the onions, carrots and mushrooms if using in some olive oil and seasoning, add a splash of water, cover and leave to fry, stirring once in a while.

-Meanwhile, melt the butter in  a sauce pan, once that has melted add the flour and mix well. When that begins to bubble, add the milk bit by bit, STIRRING CONTINUOUSLY, waiting until the flour has completely dissolved. Keep on stirring and bring the mixture to the boil, keep on stirring until the mixture is really thick and creamy. You might need to add a bit more flour, if so remember to keep on stirring. Add the mustard and wine. This is called white sauce.

-Add this white sauce to your onions and carrots with the chicken. Add the peas, and cover the pan on leave on a low heat.

-Take the pastry out of the fridge and unwrap it, reserving the cling film. Dust a surface with flour and put the dough ball on it. Get your cling film and place on top of your pastry and begin to roll out the  covered pastry until it covers the medium sized dish you are  using. The rolled pastry should be about 5mm-1cm thick.

-Take your filling and pour into your baking dish. Cover with the pastry, making sure it is sealed at the sides. With a knife, make two slices on the top of the pie, to let air out.

-Brush with milk, and cook in the oven for an hour or until brown. An hour minimum, so if it’s browning before an hour, turn the oven down.

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Real Shepherd’s Pie

I say real shepherd’s pie because people have a tendency to put beef in it and call it shepherds pie, we all know that when it’s got beef in it that it’s called cottage pie. I found this extremely hard to make, because it just made me crave lamb. When I ate meat, lamb was my favourite, moussaka in particular. And then the other day when I was serving canapés, I had to serve these mini lamb burgers and they smelt soo good. I’m thinking about giving myself a treat once a year when I eat lamb. Because life’s too short to prevent yourself from eating something so nice as lamb. All the other meats, however, can shove it.


-400g minced lamb

-900g potatoes, peeled and chopped

-1 onion

-2 carrots

-1 clove of garlic

-1 cup of frozen peas

-2 tbsp milk

-1 tbsp butter

-salt and pepper

-2 big splashes of Worcestor sauce

-2 tbsp tomato purée

-500ml beef stock

-Cheddar cheese (optional)


Pre-heat oven to gas mark 7. Put the potatoes in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil, and leave to simmer for 25 minutes. While they’re simmering, chop the onions, garlic and carrots and fry in a saucepan until soft.

-The potatoes should still be cooking, however, if they’re done (they’re very soft when poked with a fork) then drain them and continue with the sauce.

-Add the lamb to the onions and carrots and brown. Scrape away the fat that rises to the surface. ‘Urgh’ is one word for it.

-Once all the lamb has browns add the stock and bring to the boil before adding tomato purée, peas Worcester sauce, salt and pepper.

-Leave to boil for 30 minutes with the lid on, and then take it off and leave to boil for another 20 minutes. Keep an eye on it as time passes.

-Whilst it’s cooking away, mash your potatoes with the butter and milk, adding a bit of pepper.

-Once everything done, get a baking dish and add all of the lamb mixture. Top with the mash potato, using a knife to spread. Put in the oven for 20 minutes, before adding cheese and cooking for another 20 minutes.

-The pie is reading when the top has browned.


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Spicy Salsa Roast Chicken (with chorizo)

This is medium on the thrifty scale. I think if you remove the chorizo then you have a very affordable, healthy and filling chicken dish. I’m only really putting it up because my mum asked me to, I told her to start making this for my dad when I go back to university because it’s easy to make.  I was about to start explaining it when she said “as long as you put it on your site then you don’t need to explain it”. I wasn’t gonna put it on, but decided I might as well. Also, the internet was cut off for one reason or another and I got bored so I started taking photos.

Ingredients (serves 2)

-2 chicken breast fillets

-1 onion

-1 clove of garlic

-1 big tomato

-2 tsp hot chilli sauce

-1 tsp paprika

-1 tsp of cayenne pepper

-1 tsp basil

-50g Chorizo sausage (optional)


-I think a food processor/blender is required here as you want to make a paste for the chicken to sit in.  So roughly chop the onion, garlic and tomato, then stick them and all the other ingredients minus the chicken in a food processor and blend until you have a paste like consistency.

-I chose to leave the chicken in the marinade for the afternoon before I cooked it, it can be left to marinade in the sauce for up to 24hrs, but this is not necessary. If you want to do the former, put the marinade and chicken into a zip and seal bag and leave it in the fridge.

-After it has marinaded, or if you’re cooking it immediately, pre-heat the oven to gas mark 8/220 c.

– Put the chicken in a small baking dish. If you’re using chorizo, chop it up into medallions, and stuff it in the chicken. There is usually an open slit in the fillet which makes it easy for the chorizo to sit in. Put the dish in the oven, it should take an hour/ hour and a half.

– However, after about every 20 minutes take the dish out, and, with a spoon, pour the juices over the chicken (baste it). This will prevent the chicken from drying out and allow the chorizo flavours be absorbed by the chicken.

-It is done when the tomato paste has a browned a bit and looks like the photo!


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Chicken and Chorizo Stoo

Even though I no longer eat chicken or chorizo, which I don’t regret, I made a breakthrough in cooking this chicken. A vegetarian must really be into food to get excited about the way chicken was cooked. Don’t you hate it when you fry chicken in a pan, and it just seems a bit tough? A bit chewy? And it’s not cos it’s overcooked, but probably cos it’s dry has only absorbed oil. Well, I have solved this problem. And it came through in this lovely(hopefully) Spanish chicken and chorizo stew. Whilst cooking the chicken, I added a glug of red wine, and instead of frying and drying out, it slowly froiled (fry and boiled) in the liquid. When testing to see if the chicken was cooked I did not need to cut through a piece to see if was white all the way through, the piece just fell apart revealing its moist interior. Success. I guess if you don’t have wine, don’t worry, maybe a splash of chicken stock and boiling water. But red wine gave it that Spanish smell.


-2 fillets of chicken

-chorizo sausage (how much you want)

-1 onion

-1 garlic

-1 can of sweet corn

-1 can of butter beans

-2  cans of chopped tomatoes

-2 tbsp red wine

-3 tsp of paprika

-3 tsp cayenne pepper

-1 dessert spoon hot chilli sauce

-2 tsp of basil


-Chop onion and garlic and fry in olive oil in a large saucepan. Add some salt so they don’t stick to the surface.

-Once they are starting to brown, add the chicken and stir, after 1 minute add 1 tbsp or a generous glug of red wine and cover the pan. Leave for about 5 minutes and stir the chicken again. Check the chicken after another 3-4 minutes, if it’s falling apart like in the description, and you can see no pink, then it’s ready.

-Add the remaining ingredients, including another glug of wine, and stir. Once it is boiling turn to a low heat and leave to simmer for an hour or so.

-Serve with bread. Nice.

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Surprise Bolognese

You wont believe what I, or what my mum years ago, put in that makes this bolognese take on a whole new form. And you cook it differently too, adding the pasta in with the sauce and letting it cook for a bit too. Like I mention a lot of times, I’m actually a vegetarian, but I like to cook for my dad and this one doesn’t seem to fail. So the secret ingredient is baked beans, it sounds fine doesn’t it? It makes sense, and I remember in  my meat-eating days how nice it was. Here’s how you do it.


800g beef mince

-1 onion, 1 carrot and 2 cloves of garlic all chopped.

-1 x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes

-1 x 410g tin of baked beans

-Some tomato puree

-Any thing that makes your spag bol special, I think lea and perrins, mustard and oxo cubes all work well.

-200g dried pasta, then cooked. Any shape or form that you like.


-Fry and sauté the chopped onion, carrot and garlic to some oil in a big saucepan and cook for 5-10 mins until brown.

-Add the mince and cook in the pan until the meat has turned brown.

-Add chopped tomatoes, any flavourings that you like and finally the baked beans.

-Leave to simmer for about 5 minutes, then add the pasta. Stir really thoroughly until you can see that all the pasta has accessed the sauce. Add a bit of hot water if it is looking dry.

-Leave to cook for about 20 minutes covered.

-What makes it nicer is if you top it with some tears of bread and grated cheese and bake uncovered in the oven for 2o minutes.


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Monster Meatloaf

Whenever I think of meatloaf I automatically think of The Brady Bunch: A Very Brady Sequel, when the maid ALWAYS makes meatloaf. We find out the long-lost ‘dad’  has some magic mushrooms hidden in his bag, and then the maid finds them and says “No wonder he doesn’t like my meatloaf-he’s likes exotic foods!”. And then she makes him mushroom spaghetti and this happens.  ANYWAY, I digress. This was for my dad, it basically tastes like a big beef burger, and tastes good with mash potatoes or whatever you like really. I made this with 800g beef, so remember to half if you’re buying those smaller packs.
-800 g of minced beef
-100g breadcrumbs
-225ml milk
-2 eggs
-2 onions chopped up
-salt and pepper
and for added flavour
-Worcester sauce
Pre-heat the oven to 180 c.
-Okay, this is the easiest meal ever. Just throw all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix really thoroughly so it’s well-combined.
-Put it in a loaf tin, or if failing that, just some sort of dish. Make sure it’s all smooshed down, and then put in the oven for an hour and a half.
-Take it out and attempt to drain the fat on the top, then eat it.
-It will probably taste good in a sandwich or something.


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Easter Carnivore Meatball Special

No, I haven’t converted. I’m at home for Easter, meaning I’m living with the only remaining meat-eater in my family of five. I’m not that fussed about cooking meat meals, I’ll cook anything. There is a ridiculous amount of mince in my house, so instead of cooking bolognese or chilli con carne, I made these, cos I know they’re a treat for my dad. They are not THAT much work, but I’m saying that in retrospect cos this isn’t the first time I’ve made them. But give it a go, they taste good (said from memory of my meat-eating days). As a cheat, you can just make your meatballs and put them in a jar of pasta sauce, but I made my own. This is thrifty, seeing as most meat-eaters tend to have mince as a staple (use pork mince if you like), eggs, bread, pasta, chopped tomatoes etc. The one thing which might be an investment is parmesan, but you can just add finely grated cheddar instead. Anyway, here you go!


Tomato sauce

2 x can of chopped tomatoes (400g)

-1 onion

-2 cloves of garlic

-1 tsp of sugar

-mixed herbs

-1 stick of celery (optional)


-500g beef mince

-1-2 Eggs

-2 tbsp of grated parmesan

-3 tbsp breadcrumbs (I used semolina)

-mixed herbs, OR just parsley

-1 clove of garlic

-1 tsp of English mustard (optional)

-salt and pepper



-Chop up onions, garlic and celery. Fry these up in a big pan  until soft.

-Add chopped tomatoes, then fill up each of these cans with water half way and pour into the pan, this waters down the mixture so it’s not too rich and gets the remainder of the chopped tomatoes into the sauce. Add sugar and herbs. Leave on a low heat to simmer.

-Okay, get all your childish laughter out the way now(there are references to balls)…

-Now the meatballs. Add everything (just 1 egg at first) into a bowl and stir really, really well. Make it all mushy. If you find it’s not combining well, add another egg. You need the mixture to be moist or it will crumble when you fry them. MIX WELL to make sure the egg has been spread throughout the whole mixture.

-Make your balls. Get a teaspoon and take a heaped pile of the mixture, then roll with your hands until it’s a ball. The mixture could make up to 20 balls, perhaps more ‘cos I tend to lose count. I had loads of balls left over, I froze these balls so one can fry them at a later date.

-Now fry them in about a tablespoon of oil in the biggest frying pan you have. People forget that beef mince has a lot of fat in it, so you don’t need tonnes of oil because the beef can fry in its own juices. (TIP When I make bolognese I never use oil to fry the mince).

-The frying will take a bit of time, and should be done in batches. Remember to brown the entirety of the meatball. It can get a bit messy. To check your ball is done, it should be brown on the outside and when you touch it, it should be really firm. Once a  ball is done, add it to your tomato sauce and add another meatball to the frying pan.

-You don’t want the sauce to be jam packed full of meatballs, so, like I said, freeze some of the meatballs to use at a later time.

-Let it simmer for a bit so the juices from the meat can go into the tomato sauce. Serve with bread, spaghetti or rice.


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